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My name is Rohit N. I live in India. Since I was born here so I know so many things about it. While thinking and searching on this topic, I was confused that what should be the real parameters for it. I don’t want just to research on other top sites and past the same data here. But I really wanted to know what people think about browsers and why they use one browser and reject others?

Here, we are talking about Top 5 most popular web browsers used by Indians. I asked people around me like friend, colleagues, relative etc. So this post is not only about Top 5 Browsers but also why are they?

1. Google Chrome: The Default Dominator:

YUP! as predicted Its none another than Google Chrome. Its not only most used browsers in India but also rest of the world. When I asked people around me about it they said that they never thought about another browser ever as it work fine.

The other reasons might be-
1st- When there were no smartphones and people had to use computer to surf internet, Google gave best functional browser Chrome to the world. It was easy to use, simple in look. It also provided Add-on facilities. Chrome has the largest library of Add-on Plugins that makes it super productive to use. So people were familiar with chrome from earlier days.

2nd- When Android OS launched for Google made Chrome browser set default. So anyone who use internet has to use Chrome Browser automatically. Also they were familiar about it so they just used it.

User-Base- As per, Chrome alone has 88.47% of share in market. Mostly used by uneducated peoples, Educated but non techy people, labors, childrens and all uncle and aunties. 

2. Safari- Apple of the eye

You must be thinking Firefox Right? Nah! not at all. Its safari that grabs the second position in this list. You know why? Same condition as Google chrome. “My OS my Rules”. Safari mainly runs on Mac OS which comes in all Apple products i.e. laptop, iPhone, tablets and know iwatch as well.

So here is the thing safari is installed by default in all the Apple products. Apple users are mostly rich people and obviously they don’t have to look for another browsers. Same with INDIAN users, when they buy Iphones they really don’t care about browsers because apple product knows for its best of the best.

User-Base– As per, Safari has 5.22% of share in market. Mostly used by financially sound people. The funfact about safari is that Google pays 1 Billion dollars (approx.) every year to grab those 5% users to as default search engine because of their financial status.

3. Microsoft Edge: The AI-Infused Explorer

Microsoft Edge (aka internet explorer) surprisingly comes in 3rd position. That all because of AI integration. Back in 2022, when Chat GTP opened to the world, it instantly became viral hit. While watching the huge success of chatgtp, Microsoft announced that they will add chat gtp AI tool to there search engine But here is cached, it will only run on Microsoft Edge browsers. This not only increased monthly user base to but also increased their browser usability. I also use their browser on mobile to access AI tool for free.

User-Base– Only 2% people here in INDIA use it. Mostly freelancers, corporate staff and students for their project. with edge browser is being used to complete the projects only and is very popular among students.

4. Mozilla Firefox: Students and Developers

Mozilla Firefox relatively has a very low user base in India. The simple reason is that its does not comes by default in any electronic devices. Although it has some of the best features and also took stand for your privacy but still failed to get huge user-base in India. As I said before that most of the people only use default apps and software in India and they don’t really research on anything.

User-Base– 1.28% only. Mostly freelancers, corporate staff, developers and students for their project who need extra browsers for there work. Also those who uses computer from twenties and knows Firefox do exits

5. Brave

Brave is a comparatively very new browser and most of the people around the world even has no idea about its existence. Brave stand for high privacy standards and so used by those people who cares about their privacy. In India when I asked my friend and other people, 90% said that they never heard about it and only 10% used it but not always. Since Firefox and Brave both talk about privacy and tracking, but Firefox is old so people used it more than brave.

User-Base– No data exits. Same as firefox, mostly freelancers, corporate staff, developers and students for their project who need extra browsers for there work. Also those who concerned about privacy and tracking.

Above I talked about Most popular browsers in India. Here you will see most used browsers in India July-2023. Link


I looked to what people doing. I mostly checked people’s smartphone to get the data because not everyone use computer, tablet or laptop just like my parents. Smartphone is the reason of increment in the usage of internet. OK Google, HI SIRI and Hey Alexa also changed the way people use internet. Hence if other browsers does not has their own hardware it will be tough for them to compete. People search for better options but not always.

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